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Latinos against La Raza racism and cultural insensitivity toward the USA. Many Latinos within our community suffer from the idea that we are victims. As a result, we love to cry racism, our most popular attack toward anyone non-Hispanic. Ironically, we then become highly sensitive and loudly defensive when our very own racist, ethno-centric ideology is publicized. Education and freeing ourselves from victimhood will strengthen our community. Visit our site and watch the educational videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/LaRazaRacism

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Illegal Rape Suspect, Jose Madrigal, Deported 9 Times!

Notice how my pro-Latino comrades are suspiciously quiet about this story and all the other crimes just like it. Hmmmm. What's going on with the pro-Latino mafia? Be sure to ask them!

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  1. Those are people who join the migration wagon because they would be shot back in the old country. To summarize it, you can't call that an immigrant. People like that guy are abnormal. He had to come here 9 times. In Latin America, you can only do something disgusting a few times before law enforcement "skips" the trial phase.