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Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Another Beautiful Day in Mexico

ACAPULCO, Mexico — Gunmen opened fire on a police chief's house in southern Mexico, killing his 23-year-old daughter and a bodyguard and wounding three others, police said Monday.

Anacleto Flores Valle, the chief of police in the Pacific coast town of Petatlan, was uninjured when heavily armed men in two trucks opened fire on his home Sunday. The gunmen fled and were not identified.

Petatlan is near the Pacific coast resorts of Ixtapa and Zihuatenejo. It has seen recent violence associated with drug trafficking, including several attacks on police.

Elsewhere, federal police said Monday that they detained two American women who were traveling in a Texas-plated pickup truck that had a gas tank loaded with marijuana.

Police said the two women were speeding on a highway in the northern state of San Luis Potosi when a patrol car pulled them over. Officers noticed that bolts around the gas tank had been manipulated and took the vehicle in for inspection.

Police found 200 pounds of marijuana inside a sealed metal container hidden in the gas tank. U.S. consular officials were not immediately available to confirm the women's nationality, names or hometowns.

Also on Monday, police in the northern border state of Sonora said five bodies had been found partially buried in a rural area near the border with neighboring Chihuahua.

The five had reportedly been kidnapped by an armed gang the previous day; one was a local police officer. The bodies of all five men bore gunshot wounds. Sonora state police also said two men were shot to death with assault rifles in the city of Navajoa. There was no immediate information on a motive in the attacks.

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