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Latinos against La Raza racism and cultural insensitivity toward the USA. Many Latinos within our community suffer from the idea that we are victims. As a result, we love to cry racism, our most popular attack toward anyone non-Hispanic. Ironically, we then become highly sensitive and loudly defensive when our very own racist, ethno-centric ideology is publicized. Education and freeing ourselves from victimhood will strengthen our community. Visit our site and watch the educational videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/LaRazaRacism

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where's Mexico's "Obama?"

Obama's election proved many things. The USA is great because power can shift without a shot being fired or a machete being wielded. Such a succession of power is simply not possible in many countries around the world. So the primary question for us at La Raza Racism wasn't so much, "Why is the world celebrating Obama's win?" But instead, why aren't other countries electing their own president of "progress?"

Three countries belong to NAFTA: USA, Canada and Mexico. Both Mexico and Canada claim victimhood by their bully neighbor, the USA. But Canada is pleasant and civil. Mexico is corrupt and incompetent! As Latinos, this contrast should shock us. Racist multi-culturalists need to spend less time giving Mexico a free pass with no accountability, and spend more time demanding Mexico elect their OWN "Obama!" Where's Mexico's president of "hope," "progress," and "change?" Where's Mexico's "Obama?"

Mexico needs to stop dumping, unloading, and exporting their social, corruption, and poverty problems on the US middle-class taxpayer through illegal immigration, and solve their own problems, Obama-style!

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  1. I do not believe you are a Latino blogger. You obviously have issues. You sound like an ANTI Immigration Reformer filled with anger and hate. I feel sorry for you. Stand up and say who you are. Otherwise we know you are not telling the truth.

    My blog tells it like it is.